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FOOT EXPANSION is a Portuguese company that emerges in the national and international sports market supported by a vast network of knowledge, and seeks to develop all its contacts in search of sports success, in a market as vast and as rich as football.

The main objective of FOOT EXPANSION is to provide the necessary tranquility and security so that the professionals with whom works can enjoy their activity knowing that there is a solid and competent structure with them, able to satisfy their needs, without these are worried about their future, being able to rely on the work that the company develops for their careers. Sports advice and sports advice to clubs is another aspect of FOOT EXPANSION, where it allows the monitoring and development of partnerships with other clubs, as well as, for the promotion of the institution in other countries, through sporting events.

Education and formation are also not forgotten by FOOT EXPANSION. It is the responsibility of companies to contribute positively to the sustainable development of societies by supporting actions of a sporting scope, whether in the ludic or competitive plane, as well as in the promotion of training activities for the development of sports professionals, through formations actions supported in their professionals, and in order to transmit some of their knowledge and experiences.

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